Rossini Art Site is a 10-hectare sculpture park nestled on top of Brianza hills in the green heart of the Lambro Valley. Thanks to its suggestive position it offers the most incredible and mutable views of the surrounding nature and the Alps, making it an ideal place chosen by the entrepreneur and patron Mr. Alberto Rossini to house his art collection in the late twentieth century, where works by internationally renowned artists, such as Pietro Consagra, Bruno Munari, Giò Pomodoro, Fausto Melotti, Andrea Cascella and Grazia Varisco, only to name a few, stand out.

The Rossini Art Site resonates in many ways with its founder’s desire to create a flexible, friendly and enjoyable place where a wide and heterogeneous audience can make an unconventional experience of contemporary art, without renouncing to the fun of a day outdoors, surrounded by nature in a lovely and peaceful place with its flora and fauna. The vegetation is strictly native – oak, hazel and hornbeam. Both the view of farm fields, and the animals reared in a specific area of the park, bring to mind the most authentic essence of the Brianza area. This is the site chosen by Alberto Rossini to place his prestigious collection of sculptures, in continuity with his countless passions, without building a rigid or elitist barrier, but by means of a common language in the spirit of beauty.

Rossini Art Site offers the possibility for taking a leisurely stroll through in the middle of nature and proposes a programme of activities and teaching courses for adults and children.

The heart of the place is certainly the entrance pavilion for the park designed by studio SITE and the New York architect James Wines, an exponent of the Green Architecture and a master of environmental design and master of organic architecture, who gave rise to a project in Briosco able to communicate perfectly with the surrounding area, by integrating art, environment and architecture together into a single concept. Today the park keeps its dynamic and changing role, wants to introduce some new stimuli through the acquisition of works of art and the collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists.

Rossini Art Site, half an hour from Milan, is easily accessible by car through the SS 36 trunk road. In the surroundings countless paths wind down and cycling routes that connect the site to historic landmarks, such as the near Artistic furnace in Briosco, the Romanesque Church in Agliate or the naturalistic oasis of Cariggi Valley. Getting across the river and Bevere of the Lambro Valley it is possible to rediscover beautiful farmhouses and the true face of Brianza to be explored by food and wine tours close to Montevecchia or a visit to the near town of Monza, in order to relive a piece of history of Lombardy and Italy. The town jealousy preserves traces of past eras and ancient peoples, from Celts who probably founded it to Romans who gave its current name (Modicia or Maguntia), from Longobards who built the Basilica-Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Royal Palace of Teodolinda to the Habsburgs who built the Royal Palace at the behest of Maria Theresa of Austria.